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am·big·u·ous - adj.
1. Open to more than one interpretation.
2. Doubtful or uncertain.

de·sire - n.
1. A wish or longing.
2. A request or petition.
3. The object of longing.
4. Sexual appetite; passion.

The year is two thousand and three. Harry Potter, fast approaching his twenty-third birthday, is a top Auror for the Ministry of Magic. The war is over, or so they think. Voldemort may be dead, but there are those still loyal to his beliefs, few as their numbers may become.

Lives have changed and emerged as new awakenings for everyone since that great death, that escape from evil. Boundaries have been broken, or at the very least, bent. In an effort to bring everyone one step closer, and to prevent a new dark lord, this place was created: A great meeting board.

A place to speak about anything you so desired for everyone to see. A place to run into people you never thought you'd see again, or even talk to people you only hoped you had the chance to. A place to associate yourself into the wizarding world again.

As boundaries fail and resolves weaken, follow as these previous students of Hogwarts grow and mould as people. Follow their relationships, or lack-there-of's and meet the people they have chosen to associate themselves with now.

Forget everything you know. The world is upside down.

This is a post-war AU Harry Potter RPG. Canon compliant through HBP.
(There will be NC-17 content. You've been warned.)
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